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We put the CARE into Pet Transport

At AirCare Pet Services we provide a professional and comprehensive pet transport service for your special friends. We are experienced in all facets of animal care and pet travel. Request a quote now to see what we can offer you. The NZ owned and operated international pet travel company.

We transport pets
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Tig stays at AirCare Auckland

Introducing Tig the much loved office cat at AirCare Pets Auckland facility.

Tig was supposed to travel to UK with the rest of his family earlier this year.

Unfortunately his health was failing and he wasnt suited to such a long flight.

The team at AirCare had become very fond of Tig and we offered to keep him as our special office friend.

He soon settled in and amazingly his health improved. He now greets visitors at Aircare and keeps the office seats warm, see photo.

 Tig the cat stays at aircare pets auckland office

Tilly goes to Dubai

Children and dogs are an unbeatable combination.

This month we sent new pup Tilly from Auckland to Dubai for the Patterson-Tammela family.

Tilly travelled well and we received this super shot of the children bonding with their new family member.

IMG 5751


I am not sure who was the most photogenic.


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Harry The Newfie

Dogs don't come much bigger than Harry the Newfie, or Newfoundland to be precise.

Here at AirCare Pets we were honoured to be in charge of sending big Harry back to the UK this month.

Harry is well travelled having flown out from UK only last year. Big dogs need big crates and we had our specialist crate maker custom build a special enclosure for this big boy.

There are a whole range of processes and documents required for sending animals such a long distance. AirCare Pets specialise in this type of business with a trained team ready to face any challenge.

And yes Harry travelled well and is now running around the green fields of England. See you again some day Harry?

 harry the newfie strecthes legs before catching flight to uk

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Lion Hunters at AirCare Auckland

We are feeling really safe today at AirCare Pets Animal Centre at Auckland Airport.

Two Lion hunting Rhodesian Ridgebacks have cleared the property of any large predators, see picture.

Actually these two gorgeous little guys were only 16 weeks old but they instinctly new how to hunt. No Lions today, sorry.

The pups were stretching their legs in our secure compound before boarding their flight to Noumea.


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Michelle to Melbourne

Michelle’s trip to Melbourne

"The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association
is a non-profit trade association of independent members who are
dedicated to the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals"
On Friday the 11th of March, we sent one of our Pet Travel Consultants, Michelle to Melbourne to the
Oceania IPATA conference held in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. Here at Air Care Pets we are
dedicated to upskilling our staff to provide a quality, up-to-date and hassle-free service. So, lucky for
Michelle, she got a quick trip to Melbourne for four days, even though she was busy working most of the
IPATA described the event as: “Another great international conference for pet shipping experts has
completed that was rich in:
• Networking, both regional and global
• Latest technology solutions in shipping
• Airline cargo specifications and future plans
• Unique crate options
• Animal health challenges
• Shipping to and from Australia
• DNA Testing for Canine Breed Determination
• Pet Tracking & GPS”

Whilst this is the ‘official’ account of the conference, we caught up with Michelle to get her opinion of
the IPATA Conference:



Melbourne's famous horse teams outside the conference hotel.


Why do you think it’s important to be a IPATA member?
“You become a part of a community of companies that care about the safe transport of animals who can
offer insider information that you would otherwise be unaware of. We agree with the IPATA philosophy
here at Air Care Pets and we wanted to be a part of a global alliance that regularly meet and share
information that allows us to give the best possible care and travel plans for our pets. “

What was the most valuable thing you learnt from the conference?
“Definitely visiting the enormous 144 Hectare site of the Mickleham Quarantine facility in Melbourne,
now the only one in Australia. The vast size, remarkable cleanliness and quality construction was all
suited to the animals and took the requirements of all animals into consideration in the design of the
facility. I was very impressed with the facilities.”

What was the best part of your trip and why?
“Even though I went over for the conference, in my spare time I got to visit my brother and his family. It
was really special to me that I was able to mix business with pleasure.”

Was there anything you wish you could have had more time doing or learning about?
“I wish they talked more about special arrangements for handling Brachycephalic cats and dogs. These are pets that have ‘snub noses/flat faces’ which are susceptible to an increased risk of heat stroke and breathing problems when exposed to stressful situations or extreme heat such as travelling on an airplane. All I want is what’s best for the pet and their family and I feel like there is a lot more that could be done to remedy this situation with these breeds, such as; education and wide spread knowledge of the issues that these pets have, specifically in regards to travel. Everyone from the owner, breeders to the cargo handlers should all be informed and aware of the complications of travel.”

And finally, did you have a good time?
“Yes, would do it again 100%. It was a very valuable experience for me, as I got to make new contacts with other members of IPATA, catch up with long- term international colleagues, and learn a lot of important information that I would not have known had I not got the opportunity to go the conference.”

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Customer Experience

Louis to Paris

Dear Shelley

Louis landed as per schedule in Paris this morning and he was over the moon to see us.

He looked and behaved as per his usual + the extra excitement and relief that he was reunited with us. Actually, we had never seen him that happy for that long! It was delightful and a big relief for us too.

So MANY, MANY thanks for your care and help to get him ready, packed and shipped!

All the very best,

Isabelle and Paul

Louise in France

Louis being checked by the French authorities on arrival at Paris de Gaulle airport.

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Frankie goes to Dubai


Hi Shelley,

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for taking care of our boy and getting him here safely. You and your colleagues did an excellent job.

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Milo & Snoopy SYD to AKL

Hi Garry,

Just wanted to extend a big thank you to you and the team both here and in Australia, for taking such great care of the dogs, Milo and Snoopy, when we imported them back into NZ.

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