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Restricted services apply during current Covid-19 lockdown.

International import and export services are available to a range of countries.

Bookings for NZ domestic services will reopen on Monday 27th September. Some restrictions still apply for flights to and from Auckland. Most other routes have restarted.


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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 June 2016 23:41

AirCare transport pets from New Zealand to Australia every day. We have direct flights to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, and Perth. To complement this we have full trans-ship arrangements with Australia's largest pet transporters to send on to smaller airports as well as provide door to door services in all the main areas.


All animals travelling to Australia must be at least 8 weeks old and identified with a microchip. Microchip installation service is available from AirCare Pets Auckland.

A veterinary inspection including completion of the offical Export Certificate and treatments for parasites is required within 5 days of departure.

The EXPORT CERTIFICATE is an official form produced by Ministry for Primary Industries. This form is provided as part of the AirCare Pets 'Full Service' option, otherwise it must be purchased from your vet practice.

For Dogs only:

Dogs must have lived in New Zealand or Australia all their life OR for the 90 days preceding travel. Owners need to sign the Export Certificate when presenting their dog for the veterinary inspection.   If the owner is not to be present during the vet inspection the owner must complete a separate Owner Statutory Declaration form and provide the original to our office prior to the presentation of the animals for vet inspection. This form must be signed by the owner in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or other approved person. These forms are available from your AirCare Pets consultant.

Animals who have resided in Africa or been in quarantine are subject to special requirements, you should discuss these issues with your AirCare Pet's consultant.


FULL SERVICE to Australia:

AirCare Pets complete the whole process including purchase of the Export Certificate and the vet check. The Owners Statutory Declaration (see above) is still required for dogs. For cats we can send a cage to your residence for ease of collection or to acclimatise your cat to the confinement to make the process more comfortable for them.


  • Owner purchases  EXPORT CERTIFICATE for Australia from their vet.
  • Owner completes the certificate and employs their own vet to complete the treatment and certification process within 72 hours of departure.
  • The completed Export Certificate original form is then supplied to AirCare Pets at time of delivering the animals.


Customer Experience

Louis to Paris

Dear Shelley

Louis landed as per schedule in Paris this morning and he was over the moon to see us.

He looked and behaved as per his usual + the extra excitement and relief that he was reunited with us. Actually, we had never seen him that happy for that long! It was delightful and a big relief for us too.

So MANY, MANY thanks for your care and help to get him ready, packed and shipped!

All the very best,

Isabelle and Paul

Louise in France

Louis being checked by the French authorities on arrival at Paris de Gaulle airport.

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Frankie goes to Dubai


Hi Shelley,

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for taking care of our boy and getting him here safely. You and your colleagues did an excellent job.

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Milo & Snoopy SYD to AKL

Hi Garry,

Just wanted to extend a big thank you to you and the team both here and in Australia, for taking such great care of the dogs, Milo and Snoopy, when we imported them back into NZ.

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