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Lynn Betham

Lynn Betham – 1x Welsh Springer Spaniel – 1x Cocker Spaniel – Auckland to LHR -

Hi Shelley and Team

I would like to say a huge thank you for the care and attention you gave to Molly and Toby on their trip back to the UK.  The service you gave was fantastic.  Molly travelled really well and when we picked her up at Heathrow we could not believe how well she was.  We had no worries regards Toby he also looked great.  They have settled in the UK and love the attention from the rest of the family.  We have now moved into our new home and our belongings have arrived from New Zealand.  We have found a wonderful walkway for Molly and Toby and also a really caring vet. 

We apologise for the delay in emailing you due to the late arrival of our belongings.  We wish you all well back in New Zealand.  Keep up the great work and Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Lynn and Alex Betham