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Kathy Wyatt

Kathy Wyatt – 1x Jack Russell puppy – Auckland to Brisbane – 25th October 2013

Hi Jo & Grant,

I changed her name to Queenie (kennel name) and yes she arrived safely.  She is beautiful and has a great personality.  I have been socializing her this weekend by taking her to some market where she received many many pats; she goes really well on the lead as well.  I took her in to my local nursing home today to see my husband’s grandmother and she loved it there as so many people patted her and fused over her. I am going to enter her in a show at the end of this month so I can let you know how she goes.  One thing I have noticed is she loves her food (by the way she was in great condition when I got her off the plane) and loves kangaroo meat.

I will stay in touch and let you know how she goes in the show.


KathyRose - 1x Jack Russell - Auckland to Brisbane 25th October 2013