AirCare Pets - Testimonials


1x Bedlington Terrier (Puppy) – Auckland to Sydney – 21st February 2013                                                   

Hi Hayley,

The little bitch arrived in Alice this morning after a somewhat delayed flight from Sydney. Expected arrival time was 11:30; she didn't get in until 12:40 but is settling in nicely.

Thanks for all your efforts.



Vicki Hammond

1x Boxer (Max) – Auckland to Brisbane – 22nd February 2013

Hi Michelle.

Thanks for organising the flight for Max to join us here in Australia. He arrived safely on Fri and he was a little scared but once out of the crate and back with me he was great. He's struggling a little with the heat but I'm sure he will adjust.

Wanted to touch base and say thank you for everything.

Vicki Hammond

Mahalo, Alison, Dylan, Pomai, & Lehua

1x Whippet (Luna) – Auckland to Honolulu – 26th February 2013


Luna arrived safely and is doing well! She is a sweet feisty little thing, and we love her!

Mahalo, Alison, Dylan, Pomai, & Lehua

Ernest Myburgh

2x DSH Cats - Christchurch to Auckland, Auckland to Perth - Monday 4th March 2013

Hi Hayley, sorry for replying so late. Things are still in shambles. They are doing well. Dixie is not taking it all that well. She'll come right though. Diesel is fine. They are still in the cattery. Very nice. We'll visit them Saturday. Thank you for taking care of them. All the best and take care. Email me when you visit Perth.



Carolyn Croft

1x Golden Retriever (Gus) Auckland to London – Tuesday 5th March 2013


Just to let you know that Gus arrived safely.  He is a little jet lagged, just like us, but otherwise fine.  Thank you for your help in getting him back to the Uk.


Tina Newsome

2x DSH Cats (Robbie & Murphy) Auckland to Canberra – Friday 8th March 2013

Hi Michelle, 

Just a quick note to let you know Robbie and Murphy arrived safely in Canberra. They ended up having a bigger layover in Sydney then anticipated and by the time they reached Canberra both of them looked like stunned mullets. Anyway all is ok and they were glad to see us, and vice versa.

 Many thanks for all your help in guiding us through this process.

Regards Faye, Darryl and Tina Newsome