AirCare Pets - Testimonials

Josh Hansen

1x Schnoodle (Boots) Auckland to Perth – Thursday 14th March 2013

Hi Michelle,

Just to let you know that one very tired little girl arrived safe and sound, she sort of stared at us in disbelief for a few seconds then started shaking all over and whimpering. 

We got her out and she just went spastic. 

Was so good to see her again. 

Thanks for handling all her travel and for looking after her while still in nz, certainly made things very easy. 

Fantastic service


Josh, Donna and Courtney. 

Lilian Airey

1x DSH Cat (Mr) Auckland to Perth – Friday 22nd March 2013

Hi Michelle,

MR arrived safe and sound.  He is doing well considering the travel process.

I would like to thank you and your team for the great service you have provided me and my family.

All the best and yes I will let everyone I know coming over to Australia and have animals to get in touch with you and your company.

Kind regards


Corinne Saint Jalmes

1x Cairn Terrier (Caillou) Auckland to New Caledonia – Thursday 21st March 2013

Hello Shelley

To let you know Caillou is fine and well integrated in his new family some pictures to show how he is happy.


Best regards


Pat Lowe

1x Great Dane - Auckland to Honolulu - 2013

We just picked him up an hour ago. He's beautiful! We are in love. He was clean and dry and in good spirits. He's so sweet!

Thank you!

Olivier Jean Breaud

1x Rottweiler pup - Auckland to PPT 25 April 2013

Hello Ian and the girls at Aircare Pets,

Thank you so much for taking good care of Penny, she was in top shape when she got here. After a few minutes she was running around the garden sniffing everything. She was shy with us at first but is now asking for petting all the time :)

I introduced her to the rest of the pack and it went just fine, all three of them get along pretty well. I took a couple pictures of them in the garden, Penny seems to like her view over the lagoon!

Thanks again to everyone at Hardrada for raising such a nice pup!

Magdalena Laas

1x DSH Cat Tabby – Auckland to London 07 May 2013

Hi Shelley,

Juno arrived safe and sound in London. They were lovely at the reception centre and she looks well taken care off...was just a little bit shell shocked ;-)

At her new home, she was running around inspecting everything, then wolfed down her food and now she follows me around like a little shadow...currently curled up next to me while I read my book.

Thank you so much for all your kind effort, I think she is going to be just fine!

Cheers, Magdalena , Charl and Juno