AirCare Pets - Testimonials

Lynn Betham

Lynn Betham – 1x Welsh Springer Spaniel – 1x Cocker Spaniel – Auckland to LHR -

Hi Shelley and Team

I would like to say a huge thank you for the care and attention you gave to Molly and Toby on their trip back to the UK.  The service you gave was fantastic.  Molly travelled really well and when we picked her up at Heathrow we could not believe how well she was.  We had no worries regards Toby he also looked great.  They have settled in the UK and love the attention from the rest of the family.  We have now moved into our new home and our belongings have arrived from New Zealand.  We have found a wonderful walkway for Molly and Toby and also a really caring vet. 

We apologise for the delay in emailing you due to the late arrival of our belongings.  We wish you all well back in New Zealand.  Keep up the great work and Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Lynn and Alex Betham

Julie Baker Aug13

Julie Baker - 2x Dogs - Auckland to LAX - 1st August 2013 - Cottonwood Camp Ted Roosevelt Park

Hello Shelley and all at Air Care Pet Services,

I have been meaning to email you to thank you for your help, expertise and kindness in dealing with our pooches.  They arrived, if not completely happy after their long flight, well and in good health.  They are enjoying traveling around the country and camping.  Every few days they have a new territory to mark and make their own.  I have attached a few pictures, just for fun!

Thank you again for your excellent service

With best regards

Julie Baker

Dave Dravitzki Aug 2013

Dave Dravitzki – 1x Black Labrador X – 1x DSH Cat – Auckland to Perth – 14th August 2013

Hi Michelle,

yes thanks, everything was fine at the pickup - not even too messy (we thought it was going to be a stinky ride back from the airport!).  Chloe was surprisingly happy and came out for some pats before going off to explore the house (we thought she would bolt under the bed and stay there for days).  Ziggy has been getting a lot of love and treats, and rejected staying the night in the shed and the laundry, and proceeded to spend the night next to our girl’s bunk beds!

Thank you so very very much for all that you have done - your service has been just amazing!


Yoko Otani

Good morning, Hayley,

It's been a week since we arrived here in Zurich.

Our two cats, Timmy and Tummy are both well and happily settiing down.

As it is summer now, they started having new fur.

Whole family reunited and we can't be happier.

Thank you so much for your assistance for our reunion.

Best regards,

Takuya, Yoko, Yuna, and Timmy & Tummy


Tim Batt

Tim Batt - 1x German Shepherd Auckland to Brisbane - onto Mackay - Friday 19th July 2013

Hay Hayley, Colt is all settled in :) he was a bit stressed at first but didn’t take long for him to get back to himself , thank you so much  for all your help its greatly appreciated

Kerry Underwood

Kerry Underwood – 1x Black Labrador puppy – Auckland to Brisbane – 1st August 2013

Thank you so much for your email Michelle, and thank you for taking such great care of our little man.
Yes we all arrived safe and sound.  We even watched the white van pull up near the plane and put a blue/white crate on the conveyor belt.

Franklin has fitting in just fine, my older dog (13yrs) doesn't mind him although does need to give a little growl to keep him in place every now and then.  His crate and bed are in the lounge room, which I am sure is a big difference from the kennel and run in Taupo...much warmer.  And he has already learnt sit and come.

Thank you again for all your help.  You were all wonderful and I will be highly recommending you to anyone who imports from NZ again.

Thank you