How to find if you can trust a pet transport company

Trusting a pet transport company with your pet.

You need to be sure the pet transport company carrying your pet is trustworthy, suitably qualified and experienced.

Here at AirCare Pets we pride ourselves on the number of pets we have safely transported around the country and around the world.

In twenty years of operation as a pet transport business we have safely flown over 60,000 animals. Our team are dedicated to making the transport of your pet a smooth and safe process.

We are full members of IPATA the international pet transport group. We utilise the regular IPATA training facilities to ensure or staff are up to date with the latest in international pet transport NZ techniques and services.

A top quality pet transport company will meet these requirements:

  • Have been in business for 10 years
  • Operate from dedicated secure animal transit premises handy to the airport
  • Employ a team of experienced pet handlers and international transport agents.
  • Full membership of IPATA the International Pet Transport Association
  • Registered exporters with MPI and licensed Customs Brokers
  • In-house facilities for boarding and preflight preparation
  • Importers of best quality animal travel cages


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