FAQ's Travel Information

Whereabouts on the plane will my pet travel?

On international flights the animals travel in a special section of the lower deck. The area is fully pressurized and airconditioned to the same level as the main passenger compartment.

Should I sedate my pet before travel?
No, extensive research has shown animals travel better without sedation.

Can I book my pet to travel on the same plane as myself?
Generally yes, please give us 6+ days notice to ensure a confirmed booking.
Exceptions are Jetstar & some of the budget airlines as they do not carry animals.

What is the minimum age for young cats and dogs to travel?
Puppies and kittens should be suitably robust before considering international travel. The animal welfare regulations state pups must be at least 8 weeks old for travel to Australia and 12 weeks for all other destinations.

Can two animals travel together in one crate?
Generally two litter mates or a mother with one of her pups can travel together. All others should travel in separate crates.

Are favorite toys or bedding allowed in the travel crate?
Clean toys and bedding containing no food, straw or vegetable matter are generally OK. AirCare Pet Services supply paper straw for all travel crates.

Which airlines do we use?
We use the airline best suited to the required route. Wherever possible we use direct flights to preclude the need to change plane at a foreign airport.

We choose flights that arrive at their destination before the heat of a summer afternoon.
For long haul routes we choose airlines with dedicated and proven facilities for transit stops. This is particularly important for transit stops on the way to the northern hemisphere because these stops are generally in tropical environments where temperature control and efficiency of handling are all important.