AirCare Pets Animal Transit Centre


This facility, unique to New Zealand, was opened in October 2008. The "one-stop" pet travel shop is located 3.5km from Auckland International Airport's Terminal on the southern approach to the airport, approximately 1km from the south western motorway.

We provide excellent parking facilities as well as safe, secure exercise yards for dogs and a Transit lounge for rest and recreation for cats prior to their journey, or on arrival after their journey.

You can deliver your pets to us knowing they will be cared for in great surroundings and have all arrangements organised for their journey. We take the stress out of pet travel for you.

We provide a comfort-stop for care and exercise.

Cages can be hired or purchased and we have a variety of sizes available. We encourage you to bring your dog or cat into ACP Animal Transit Centre to choose a suitable cage which will ensure comfort and correct size for their prospective travel.

aircare pets airport cattery auckland

The secure cattery is adjacent to the offices where cats receive constant care and socialisation.


outdoor secure exercise yard for dogs aircare pets auckland

One of the secure dog exercise yards. Our staff have a selection of balls and toys to keep even the most anxious traveller happy before his flight.

dog excercise enclosure aircare pets nz

The facility and our processes are regularly checked for compliance with airline and Civil Aviation security standards.


animal security enclosure aircare pets nz

The entire facility is fully fenced and locked. Double gates are used for access points.