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AirCare Pets arrange International Pet travel to all points of the globe.


We are able to arrange international pet transport for your pet to almost anywhere in the world.

Our international pet transport services utilise a broad range of airlines and services. We have researched the best options for transits and we only work with organisations with proven animale welfare records.

This gives us an extremely broad reach. Our membership of the International Pet and Animal Transport Association IPATA provides surety and a point of contact in the remotest parts of the world.

From New Zealand we transport animals to all the major hub airports around the world, including Los Angeles, Houston, London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Our network partners in these locations handle forward flights to hundreds of airports, in all continents. Contact  your AirCare pet travel consultant and discuss your travel plans.


International pet shipping requires an extensive range of documentation, vet work, health checks and MAF Certifications. These processes are all organized by AirCare Pets to ensure your pet is fully prepared for travel.

Our international pet transport service includes full research of the best routes, quality airlines, and stopover facilities.

All animals undertaking international pet shipping with a voyage time of 6 hours or more must have an Animal Welfare Certificate in addition to the foreign veterinary requirements. The Animal Welfare Certificate ensures your pet travel crate is the correct size and has the correct features for safety and welfare. (Direct Auckland-Perth flights although over the 6 hour travel time, are exempt)

As an experienced international pet shipping company we ensure your pet is comfortable for traveling, it is our first priority.

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If your pet is 'over-nighting' with us for an early morning flight, we ensure that they have an early evening meal and access to toilet areas, especially prior to departure.

We use a variety of bedding options to best match the needs of the pet and the route being undertaken. Shredded paper straw is popular as we find if there are 'accidents' the straw absorbs and minimizes the chances of your pet arriving in a dirty condition. Fo international pet relocation we can advise you on the suitability of blankets or sheepskins as bedding.

All animals have large ice blocks in their water trays prior to departure. Ice is used to minimize water spillage during cargo handling. Otherwise, your pet may end up a soggy mess sitting in soaked bedding for a long period of time.

We have a range of international pet travel options for your loved ones. Please select your preferred airline of choice:

As routes change frequently, it is always best to ask for us to research a route and airline for you.

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