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Coco so cute

coco august


We loved this shot of Coco and friend August after their recent trip to Australia with AirCare Pets.

It looks like dog and owner have both travelled well and are full of fun.

Anniversary Day

All regions in New Zealand have an anniversary day holiday. The Auckland date is Monday 31st January this year and our offices will be closed.

Auckland's nickname is the "City of Sails" and it has become tradition to get out on the harbour in your best yachting attire.

Pictured below is the AirCare Corporate Super Yacht out this week for a training run.

 small boat 2017

Bella to Canada

Pictured, Bella the German Shorthaired pointer after arriving in Toronto. AirCare Pets team had the pleasure of transporting Bella from Wellington New Zealand to Canada. In mid winter this is no straightforward exercise as many snow bound airports in North America are closed because of the weather conditions. All went smoothly and as you can see Bella is managing to keep her feet dry in her new home.

Tig the office cat

Introducing Tig the much loved office cat at AirCare Pets Auckland facility.

Tig was supposed to travel to UK with the rest of his family earlier this year.

Tig the aircare pets office cat

Pigeons to USA

pigeons being loaded ready for flight to usa



Not all animal transport is about family pets. Pictured above is Angela one of our Auckland based animal handlers completing final checks with Air New Zealand Cargo staff for a consignment of Pigeons travelling to USA.

Jobs like this need special preparation, customised documentation, and a close liaison with the airline. The team at AirCare Pets enjoy the challenges this brings and we get a chance to apply the years of knowledge carrying a full range of animals.