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Tilly to Dubai

tilly the dog is happy after flight to dubai


Tilly the pup lands happy and safe in Dubai.


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Max the VIP Frequent Flyer

dog is vip traveller with aircare pets international pet transport 


The loveable Max, one of our VIP frequent flyers.

Actually all the animals passing through AirCare Pets airport centre are VIP's.

We get to see Max more often than most because he travels back and forward across the Tasman so often.

Auckland to Gold Coast, Gold Coast to Auckland, get the picture?

He is a dear wee man and we enjoy his company whenever he is staying with us.

Rhodesian pups hunting at AirCare Auckland

We are feeling really safe today at AirCare Pets Animal Centre at Auckland Airport.

Two Lion hunting Rhodesian Ridgebacks have cleared the property of any large predators, see picture.

rhodesian puppies getting exercise before flight to uk


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Harry to UK

Dogs don't come much bigger than Harry the Newfie, or Newfoundland to be precise.

Here at AirCare Pets we were honoured to be in charge of sending big Harry back to the UK this month.

newfoundland dog has exercise run before boarding aircare pets flight to london


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IPATA Melbourne 2016

AirCare Pets are proud members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) which is based in USA.

IPATA hold one regional and one international conference each year. This year the regional meeting was in Melbourne and AirCare Pets sent Michelle one of our senior travel consultants along to the conferenece.


aircare pets consultant michelle in melbourne at ipata conference

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