Cages For Hire

AirCare offers a full range of animal cages and crates to best suit your pet.

The popular sizes are available for hire on domestic routes. Long or short term hire packages are available. Phone our office for details. A deposit is required for some models. Cages required for busy periods eg public holidays should be booked in advance.

If you are booking with AirCare Pets for an international flight we can arrange an advance cage loan to help acclimatize your pet to the travelling surroundings.

animal carry cage model pp30


We carry a large range of standard cages in plastic and plywood construction. All models are designed and manufactured especially for international airline travel. They are fully compliant with the latest IATA & Air New Zealand requirements. All cages and crates have drinking and feed bowls available plus funnels designed to allow top-up of water on route.

Our plastic cages are all of the highest quality and will remain a favourite bed spot for your pet for many years after the travelling is over. The cages are bolted together to give a firm structure that cannot be damaged during loading into aircraft.

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We hire a full range of dog and cat cages from our Auckland Animal Transit Centre located 4 minutes from the terminal at Auckland international Airport. Hire cages are provided for travel with AirCare Pets Domestic travel service. We do not hire for other uses including pets travelling as passenger baggage.

Collection and return hours are 8.30AM to 5.00PM weekdays.

Hireage rates:

Plastic cages:

PP20, PP30, PP40 cat and small dogs           $60.00 incl GST per week,  plus $70.00 for delivery to or from any NZ domestic airport cargo counter

PP50, PP60,  medium size dog                      $80.00 incl GST per week,  plus $70.00 for delivery to or from any NZ domestic airport cargo counter

PP70, PP90 medium to large dog                  $120.00 incl GST per week, plus $140.00 for delivery to or from any NZ domestic airport cargo counter


Plywood cages for larger dogs,                   Please ask our customer care team for curent availability information.

Deposit & Payment:

Payment is required with booking by credit card.

Costs for damaged, soiled, or non returned cages will be charged to the credit card.



Many customers already have their own cages for their pets. Often these are suitable for use as travel cages. Check with our travel consultants to see if the model you have is suitable for the route being considered. In general cages with wire or vents on the top, collapsible cages, wire cages, designs that could topple over, and models using lightweight clips to hold together are unacceptable. Plywood cages must be clean and strong and made from correctly treated materials.


At AirCare we transport a large array of animals from the popular cats and dogs to birds, reptiles, rabbits, as well as farm and zoo animals. Each animal has special needs and we design and manufacture special cages for any travel need.